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What is Pinkfish.com?

Pinkfish.com was born in 2011 with a vision to easily find the cheapest flights online. We search and match routes to find the best way to fly between two places, and then we search for the best prices for those routes. We can also help you find hotel rooms, cheaper than most.

By using our metaseach engine you will be able to easily compare multiple travel sites at once, in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display. Once you have found what you want, Pinkfish.com will give you choices where to book, including airline, hotel and online travel agency sites. We will send you right to the booking page to finish your purchase there.

Pinkfish.com doesn't add any charges to the price of a ticket - what you see is the exact fare!

What is a metasearch engine?

A metasearch engine is a tool that sends user search requests to several other search engines and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. Pinkfish.com uses this tool to help you make better decissions and to do so with speed!

What type of privacy can I expect?

As a visitor to one of our websites you have the right to understand our information privacy practices. Pinkfish.com does'nt require any type of membership and we don't collect any of your personally identifiable information (PII) when you do searches on the site. When you visit Pinkfish.com we may store information about your web session and assign you one or more 'cookies'. Your browser will store these cookies on you computer in a small file. This is done to speed up your next visit and cookie information will never be spread or sold to a third party. When it comes to third parties and although we work with responsible ones, their business policies may include different privacy policies and practices than we have. So when you click through to third party websites, our privacy policies no longer apply. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of these partner websites.

We use cookies to help us remember your settings & deliver a better service to our visitors. Some cookies on this website are necessary for the website to work properly, such as rememering your flight choices between pages. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

To learn more please read our Privacy Policy.

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Contacting Pinkfish.com

For questions regarding booking flights or hotels please use: travel@pinkfish.com

For questions regarding one of our vacation competitions please use: vacations@pinkfish.com

For affiliates and advertisors please use: partners@pinkfish.com

For newsletter inquries please use: newsletter@pinkfish.com

For special deals regarding trade shows please use: events@pinkfish.com

Any general questions can be directed to: hello@pinkfish.com